kitchen appliance 7mm tempered glass 2 135mm Cast Iron burner built in gas hob gas cooker gas stove RDX-GH051

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This is our three burner built-in gas hob. Left and right burner is 135MM full brass burner. 4.5Kw for fast cooking. Middle is Chinese SABAF Burner with gold colour 3# 75MM. 1.75Kw.. For tea cooking,baby food cooking. 7mm Tempered Galss with gold metal housing and customised logo is available on the glass.

Warranty: 1 year

Certificate: ISO9001:2015; SGS EN30; COC; SNI

OEM Manufacturer for 13 years

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gas stove price

Flame Failure Device

135MM Cast Iron burner. 4.5Kw

china wholesale gas stove 3 burner tempered glass
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7mm Tempered Galss & Metal knob

1 Panel: 7mm Tempered Galss,  customised logo is available on the glass.
2 Panel Size: 730*410MM
3 Bottom Body: Galvanized
4 Left Burner: 135MM Cast Iron burner. 4.5Kw
5 Right Burner: 135MM Cast Iron burner. 4.5Kw
6 Pan Support: Square Cast Iron with fire board.
7 Water Tray: SS
8 Ignition: Battery 1 x 1.5V DC with FFD
9 Gas Pipe: Aluminum Gas pipe, Rotary connector.
10 Knob: Metal with gold colour
11 Packing: Brown box,  with left+right+upper foam protection.
12 Gas Type: LPG or NG.
13 Product Size: 730*410MM
14 Carton Size: 760*460*195MM
15 Cutout Size: 630*330MM
16 Loading QTY: 430PCS/20GP, 1020PCS/40HQ

Model Selling Points?

Is it useful to add a wind shield on the gas stove

The principle of the wind shield is to prevent the influence of the wind around the gas stove on the flame, so that the flame is not easy to be blown away, so as to achieve the purpose of increasing fire power and saving gas consumption. However, this method is not very important for saving gas, so it is not a necessity. Whether the windscreen needs to be used is entirely out of personal will, but we must pay attention to controlling the size of firepower when using it. The use of windshields in case of fire may cause some potential safety hazards.

Precautions for use of gas cooker

Before stopping using gas or going to bed, check whether all the switches of gas appliances are closed. It is safer to close the main valve on the gas meter, open the kitchen window, and close the door from the kitchen to the bedroom.

If a rubber tube is used to connect the gas stove and the pipe, it is necessary to check whether the rubber tube is damaged, aged or leaking. The method is to apply soap solution. The place where bubbles are continuously blown is the leak point. The bending radius of the gas hose should be greater than 5cm, otherwise the bend is easy to age and crack; The service life of the hose is generally 18 months, and the aged hose shall be renewed in time.

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