Tempered black glass wholesale gas burner 2 Burner Spin Fire built-in gas hob RDX-GH073

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Introducing Swirl, the newest addition to our range of kitchen appliances – an economical glass-front built-in gas hob that will revolutionize the way you cook.  With innovative features and sleek design, Swirl delivers a superior cooking experience at an affordable price.

Warranty: 1 year

Certificate: ISO9001:2015; SGS EN30; COC; SNI

OEM Manufacturer for 13 years

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gas hob factory

120mm Steel burner spin fire

Metal knob

gas stove OEM factory
built in gas stove factory

6mm Tempered black Galss


Panel: 6mm thickness tempered black glass, 2D


Panel Size: 730*410mm


Bottom body: 0.3mm Galvanzied sheet silver bottom body


Hole size: 630*330mm


Left Burner: 120mm Steel burner , 4.5kW


Right Burner: 120mm Steel burner , 4.5kW


Pan support: Enamel black Iron 4 ears Pan support


Water Tray: Stainless steel water tray


Ignition: Battery pluse with 1.5V*1,  


Gas pipe: Aluminum  gas pipe


Knob: plastic Knob, Silver color


Footstand: 28mm height PVC


Packing: 5 Layer strong Brown box with strong polyfoam


Gas Type: LPG


Carton Size: 760*450*195mm


Loading QTY: 20GP: 430pcs, 40HQ: 1050cs

Model Selling Points?

Featuring a durable glass front, this gas range adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen decor. Tempered glass not only enhances the aesthetics but also ensures durability and ease of maintenance. Swirl's compact size fits seamlessly into your countertop, optimizing space utilization while providing a stylish focal point for your kitchen.

But Swirl is more than just a pretty face. Equipped with advanced burners, this gas hob offers excellent cooking performance. The burners are designed to distribute heat evenly, ensuring your food is cooked to perfection every time. Whether boiling, stewing or sautéing, the Swirl's precise temperature control makes it easy to achieve the desired results.

Security is our top priority, which is why Swirl includes several security features. If the flame goes out unexpectedly, the fire extinguishing device will immediately cut off the gas supply, preventing potential gas leakage. Plus, the built-in overheat protection automatically shuts off the gas supply if the temperature gets too high, so you can cook with peace of mind.

Cleaning up after cooking can be a tiresome task, but not with Swirl. The smooth glass surface is easy to wipe clean without the hassle of scrubbing tough stains. The removable burner cover and pot support can be easily removed and cleaned individually for hygiene and convenience.

With its economical design, the Swirl is not only economical but also energy efficient. Its high-efficiency burners reduce gas consumption without compromising cooking performance. This means you can save on energy bills while enjoying delicious, well-prepared meals.

All in all, the Swirl is the perfect blend of style, performance, and affordability. Its elegant glass fronts, advanced burners and safety features make it ideal for any modern kitchen. So why give up everything else when Swirl brings you an unrivaled culinary experience? Upgrade your kitchen with Swirl today and say goodbye to cooking hassle forever.

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