The number of visitors to the 134th Canton Fair surges and the economy recovers after the epidemic

Title: The number of visitors to thThe just-concluded 134th Canton Fair is one of the largest trade exhibitions in China, and the number of visitors has increased significantly compared with previous years. As the COVID-19 epidemic is gradually brought under control and the global economy embarks on the road to recovery, this expo symbolizes new hopes and opportunities. Let’s take a deeper look at the factors leading to the increase in attendance and what this trend means for various industries.


1. The epidemic is over:

The number one factor for the surge in visitors to the 134th Canton Fair is undoubtedly the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. As travel restrictions ease and vaccination efforts ramp up around the world, individuals and businesses have regained confidence in attending large events. Fear of contracting the virus had deterred potential attendees in the past, but this fear has now been significantly reduced, leading to a resurgence of interest and participation.

2. Economic recovery:

The onset of economic recovery played a key role in driving attendance growth. The economies of many countries have rebounded, leading to increased demand for imported goods. Known for its wide range of products covering various industries, the Canton Fair provides an ideal platform for global trade, attracting businesses eager to explore new markets and opportunities. As the economy stabilizes, businesses seek to build and strengthen connections, negotiate deals and showcase their latest products, all of which contribute to a surge in show visitors.

3. Pent-up demand for gas stoves:

RIDAX, a well-known gas stove manufacturer, received an enthusiastic response during the 134th Canton Fair. The increase in attendance can be attributed to the growing demand for gas stoves, mainly tabletop and built-in models, as well as electric stoves. As more people cook at home due to lockdowns and social distancing measures, there has been a surge in kitchen renovations and remodels, resulting in an increase in the gas stove market. As a trusted brand in the industry, RIDAX seized the opportunity to showcase its innovative designs and energy-saving solutions, attracting a large number of visitors interested in its products.

4. Industry-specific advancements:

Another key factor leading to the increase in visitor numbers is the introduction of advanced technologies and innovative solutions in the gas stove industry. Known for its commitment to safety, efficiency and aesthetics, RIDAX showcases its latest range of products that incorporate cutting-edge features such as smart controls, improved flame control mechanisms and eco-friendly options. The opportunity to witness these industry-specific advancements first-hand compelled industry professionals, retailers and customers alike to explore the RIDAX booth, resulting in an overall increase in show visitor numbers.

in conclusion:

The number of visitors to the 134th Canton Fair surged due to the end of the epidemic, global economic recovery, pent-up demand for gas stoves and industry progress. The increase in attendance has brought renewed optimism across industries, highlighting the resilience and adaptability of businesses and consumers. As the world recovers from the pandemic, trade shows like the Canton Fair continue to play a vital role in strengthening global economic ties, promoting innovation and providing unparalleled business opportunities for companies in the gas stove industry such as RIDAX.

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Post time: Oct-24-2023